• Etiquette Minute: Max & Revan Barakat!!

    We revisit our young celebrity interviews with Max & Revan Barakat, who have appeared in such shows as Community, The Mindy Project and Parks & Recreation!

  • Episode 8 – Valet Dance

    Chris and Amy step out for the evening. Success or failure will hinge on the lack or abundance of genuine style and class on display during the tricky act of approaching the restaurant. When it comes down to it, there is quite simply a right way and a wrong way to it all!

  • Episode 7: Ending The Date

    Adam walks Amy home after their date. Excuses are made but it is too late… the game is on!

  • Episode 6: Pre Game

    While Seymour prepares for a date with his estranged wife, Sherman offers his own thoughts on the best plan of attack.

  • Episode 5: Profile Porkies

    Lucille plays guardian angel for Gracie’s second blind date. But will things go as smoothly as planned when the ‘Love Machine’ arrives…

  • Episode 4: Planet Pinterest

    Young execs Mary and Amy take some time to play golf in the office and discuss men . Specifically, how to catch them! What’s the etiquette of dating at work?

  • Episode 3: The Man Cave

    Adam has decided to move in with Chris and Hugo. Almost as soon as the last box is set down, the conversation turns to more important matters. As the dating advise flows free and fast, the etiquette of the man cave becomes clear.

  • Episode 2 : Mr. Hat! (Online Dating Etiquette)

    Gracie’s about to go out with the enigmatic Mr. Hat, who she met on a dating website. When her roommate Lucille discovers that Gracie’s given Mr. Hat their real address, she freaks out. “There’s dating etiquette here. A single woman doesn’t have to tell a man where she lives.” (Martine Legge)

  • Episode 1 : Make A Splash Not A Scene !

    The first episode in a new comedy series about modern etiquette!

    Our first season focuses on dating.

    It’s Adam’s first day on the job. Will he blow it? Will he make a love connection with Mary? Or will the Brit, Hugo, swoop in, save the day and grab the girl with better manners?


WebVee Guide Review

The WebVee Guide reviews The Etiquette Show.

Summer RSVPs

images  Mmmmm.

Tis the season. Barbecues, beach parties, summer shindigs. The only thing missing is you, and … 

The Heat Is On!

images hot


Whew! What a scorcher. During a heat wave, good manners is spelled real deodorant.

Technical Difficulties

The Etiquette Show is experiencing technical difficulties. After a holiday no less! Your new episode on Friday.

Happy Canada Day and Independence Day!

  The Etiquette Show will be back next week! Co-workers date! In the meantime, have a safe, happy weekend celebrating Canada and Independence Day.  

The Etiquette Show, Now with Closed Captioning

  Many thanks to Jamie Berke (@DeafnessGuide) who alerted The Etiquette Show that our closed captioning was not up and running. Closed captioning allows the deaf and hard of hearing access to television programming. This is no small matter.  Over 20,000,000 American have deafness or hearing impairment.

Big Screen Little Screen Los Angeles Screening

                    Last night we had the wonderful opportunity to present several episodes from our show to the folks at Big Screen Little Screen Los Angeles. This monthly gathering is much more like Silicon Valley than Hollywood. People share real budget numbers, real strategies and tools. Entrepreneurs […]